Why choose boarding 

Since the beginning of St Monica’s boarding in 2003 the Boarders from St Monica’s College have been amongst the highest achieving students at the college while also participating in many social justice, cultural and sporting activities.

St Monica’s Boarders come from everywhere – from Cairns, from the many nearby small towns, distant farming communities and from remote areas of the country and overseas. They come for a variety of reasons but the main one is to learn in a safe, supportive, expert educational and spiritual environment – St Monica’s College and its excellent staff and resources.

Many enjoy the structured study time and support of tutors plus the control of study distractors, particularly around critical testing and assignment times. The Catholic faith and long traditions of both the Mercy Sisters of St Monica’s and the Marist Brothers of St Augustine’s are also key reasons for this choice. We offer a flexible range of options for those families thinking of boarding for all or part of their student’s secondary education from full-time to weekly boarding.

Full time boarders enjoy a weekend program which offers sport, activities, free time, outings and study. They also have free weekends when they may stay with relatives or friends if approved by the school. All boarders attend Mass on Sunday night in the Chapel.

Weekly boarders go home Friday afternoon and return in time for Mass on Sunday night. During the week they follow the same timetable as the weekly boarders.