Mission Statement

At this very special college all are invited to ‘walk in the path of justice’ – our mission statement that unites us all in faith.

As a member of a Mercy Catholic Secondary College for young women, St. Monica’s College is a faith community where belief in the dignity of the human person underlies our educational philosophy, structures and processes.

Within this context we aim to provide an environment where:-

  • Relationships reflect the example and teaching of Christ.
  • A true sense of partnership between the home, the College and the Church is actively promoted.
  • Learning and teaching promotes the education of the whole person encompassing the spiritual, social, moral, academic and the physical dimensions.
  • Individuals participate to the best of their ability to achieve personal and community goals.

Students are encouraged to develop a social conscience and the skills to assist them to face the challenges of life.

Belief in God and the goodness of others

Respect, responsibility, honesty and trustworthiness

To believe you are worthwhile and can make a difference

To stand up for what is right

 To feel compassion for others and take action

Sense of belonging

As a Mercy College, aware of both our long history and strong traditions, we as a faith community embrace the following:

  • A commitment to understanding the Catholic Faith that underpins our core values.
  • An understanding of the commitment and work of Catherine McAuley our founder.
  • A knowledge of the history and dedication of the Sisters of Mercy in Australia, in general, and of Far North Queensland in particular.
  • A recognition of the Sisters of Mercy who have worked at St. Monica’s College and whose names adorn our buildings and sporting houses.
  • An appreciation of the dedication of current staff who carry the rich traditions of the Mercy Order.