VET Complaints and Appeals

St Monica’s College complaints and appeals.

Any person wishing to make a complaint against the school
concerning its conduct as an RTO, whether a complaint, appeal or other matter,
shall have access to the Complaints and Appeals procedure. Complaints include
conduct of the RTO, its trainers, assessors or other staff; a third-party
providing services on the RTO’s behalf, its trainers, assessors or other staff;
or a student of the RTO.

All formal complaints and appeals will be heard and decided
on within 60 calendar days of the school receiving the complaint or appeal.

The RTO Manager will keep in a secure area, a Complaints and
Appeals Register, which documents all formal complaints, appeals and their
outcomes. A review of the issues that triggered the complaint is undertaken.
The review aims to identify corrective actions that will eliminate or mitigate
the likelihood of a similar complaint occurring in the future.

The principles of natural justice and procedural fairness
are adopted at every stage of the complaints and appeals process.

Complaints form: Download here

All external Complaints and Appeals should be directed to the relevant RTO or ASQA.

Revised March 2021