Pastoral Care


The aim of pastoral care at St Monica`s is to provide a welcoming, safe, supportive environment in which students are known and cared for and encouraged to contribute and develop their diverse gifts and talents. Students, staff and parents develop a strong sense of belonging to the community and enjoy participating in the many rituals, liturgies and special celebrations throughout the year. The primary pastoral care unit is the homeroom group. These groups are arranged vertically and consist of approximately four students from each of the five year levels who meet daily with one teacher who has particular pastoral responsibility for these girls. As Year 12s leave at the end of each year, another group of Year 8s will join the homeroom the following year and everyone else remains. This ensures that the younger students get to know older students and that the Homeroom teacher gets to know one group of students very well. It is an effective means of giving students a strong sense of belonging and involving students from the beginning of their high school years in the total life of the College.


The pastoral programs include three Social and Emotion Learning (SEL) classes each fortnight in each of the year levels addressing issues that are pertinent to the particular age group. Guest speakers are also invited to support the aims and objectives of the SEL program. In some year levels, personal development days also form part of their camp/retreat experience. The homeroom vertical structure is supported by a Year Level Coordinator for each year level and a Deputy Principal-Pastoral Care. A Guidance Officer/School Counsellor is also part of this structure. As part of the pastoral care system, students are given opportunities to develop leadership skills throughout their secondary schooling. The College has a very active Student Representative Council and a collaborative model of student leadership in the senior school.