“In the tradition of the Sisters of Mercy”


St Monica`s College, Cairns, is a Catholic Diocesan College of 660 students from Years 7 to 12. The school is situated in the central business district of Cairns, one block from the Cairns Esplanade, and is part of the St Monica`s Cathedral Parish.

Although founded as a primary school in 1890, St Monica`s School became a secondary school for girls in 1933. The school was administered by the Sisters of Mercy for almost a hundred years and there is still involvement of the Sisters of Mercy on staff and on the College Board. It is the charisma of this religious order which has shaped the vision of the school.

The College provides secondary education for girls. It is the only all girls school in the Cairns region. It offers education for day students and, through a partnership with nearby St Augustine`s College, offers also the opportunity for students to board at Chavoin Residence at St Augustine`s College on a full time or weekly basis and attend St Monica`s for all their secondary classes. This initiative began in 2003.