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Vocational Education & Training Courses at St Monica’s College

St Monica’s offers a range of certificate courses at school within its timetable structure, both through the College’s Scope of Registration and Third Party agreements.

      • Certificate III in Information, Digital Media & Technology

(Offered under St Monica’s Scope of Registration RTO Number: 30491)

      • Certificate III in Fitness

(Offered through a through a third party agreement with Binnacle Training Pty Ltd RTO Number: 31319)

      • Certificate III in Business

(Offered through a through a third party agreement with Binnacle Training Pty Ltd RTO Number: 31319)

For the above subjects, students are assigned the VET course on one of their subject lines and have no need to miss any other subject lessons.

  • Certificate II in Hospitality (offered through a third party agreement with St Mary’s Catholic College RTO Number: 30362)

Students are also able to access VET courses through TAFE, external RTOs. Please note that these above options will involve students missing classes in other subjects that need to be caught up during a study line that will be allocated to them.
St Monica’s also supports students who wish to pursue School Based Apprenticeships (SBA) and School Based Traineeships (SBT), these also impact upon student timetables.

If considering a VET pathway, a meeting with the St Monica’s College Middle Leader in charge of Vocational Education & Training is essential.

ICT30115 Certificate III in Information, Digital Media & Technology

(Offered at the College under St Monica’s College Scope of Registration)

This VET course is offered to students at St Monica’s College within the school timetable. The course material is provided by the school and supported by Catapult, assessment and curriculum resources. The cost of the course over the two years will be between $250-$300 (as at July 2018).

There are no work experience requirements and all courses are completed in a work/office simulated environment in the classroom.

The course is a national certificate course as per the National Recognised Training ( It covers the six core units and eleven electives which are required for the qualification.

Students eligible for an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) will be able to use their completed Certificate Ill to contribute towards their ATAR. For further information please visit to confirm.

If the student does not complete all the units, they will obtain a Statement of Attainment for the units they have completed.

The course is over two years, it covers these units:

Year 1 Semester 1
BSBEBU401 – Review and maintain a website (Elective)
ICTWEB301 – Create a simple markup language document (Elective)
ICTWEB303 – Produce digital images for the web (Elective)
BSBWHS304 – Participate effectively in WHS communication and consultation (Core)

Year 1 Semester 2
ICTWEB302 – Build simple websites using commercial programs (Elective)
ICTWEB201 – Use social media tools for collaboration and engagement (Elective)
CUAANM301 – Create 2D digital animations (Elective )
ICTICT202 – Work and communicate effectively in an ICT environment (Core)

Year 2 Semester 1
ICTICT203 – Operate application software packages (Elective)
ICTICT307 – Customise packaged software applications for clients (Elective)
ICTICT308 – Use advanced features of computer applications (Elective)
ICTICT409 – Develop macros and templates for clients using standard products (Elective)
BSBSUS401 – Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices (Core)

Year 2 Semester 2
ICTICT302 – Install and optimise operating system software (Core)
ICTSAS301 – Run standard diagnostic tests (Core)
ICTSAS303 – Care for Hardware (Elective)
ICTICT301 – Create user documentation (Core)

“correct at time of publication”

ESTIMATED DURATION: Two years (11 & 12)

MODE OF DELIVERY: A combination of the following may apply:
Face to face in a simulated workplace environment for required performance and knowledge evidence.
Online for some components of training for knowledge evidence.

RELATED SUPPORT SERVICES: Students may negotiate support in addition to scheduled hours, to develop the required skills and knowledge

WORK PLACEMENT ARRANGEMENTS: Work Placement is not required as part of this course.

OBLIGATIONS TO STUDENTS: The College will be responsible for the quality of training and assessment and the issuance of Certification.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS/PREREQUISITES: Successful application for USI and provision of this number to VET Department. There are currently no prerequisites for this course.

STUDENT OBLIGATIONS: This includes any materials or equipment required, including  school laptops, earphones, internet access, school CMS (Canvas)

ASSESSMENT: Competency based assessment that requires students to demonstrate knowledge and skill acquisition and application to the standard of performance required in the workplace. This may include: questioning, observation, practical tasks, third party reports and online training