Sports & Physical Activity

“Life in all its fullness”

St Monica’s College is committed to education of the whole person and health and physical education play an essential role in fostering teamwork, co-operation and an awareness of a healthy lifestyle.

Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education is studied as an elective part of the curriculum. In Years 8 to 10, students have the opportunity to complete a variety of practical units including: Aquatics; non competitive games; ball games and dance/aerobics. Theory units include First Aid; Sports Injuries; Sun and Outdoor Safety; Drugs in Sport; Women in Sport; Community Health Nutrition. All students in Years 8 to 10 must participate in compulsory physical activity on Wednesday afternoons. This can include aerobics, pilates, walking and a variety of team games.

As a senior subject, Physical Education is a QSA subject and contributes to tertiary entrance.


Sports Opportunities

Interhouse Carnivals

There are three major sporting events held each year, and all students are encouraged to participate. These are the Swimming Carnival; Cross Country/Walkathon; and Athletics Carnival.

Interschool Sports Competitions.

Students are allocated to one of four house teams (as per Home room groups) which encourages co-operation and fosters teamwork.

The College offers a large range of sporting activities that are played both in school time and as extracurricular activities. Students have the opportunity to play in the Interschool Sports Competition which takes place in the first semester of the school year. The sports that are offered include hockey; netball; soccer; basketball; volleyball; touch football and softball.

St Monica’s College participates with St Augustine’s College as the SAINTS team in this competition and the interschool swimming, cross country and athletics carnivals. From this competition, students can be chosen for regional or state teams.


Other Extra Curricular Sporting Activities

Throughout the year, students from St Monica’s are offered a variety of other competitions. These include:

  • Telstra Cup Hockey Knockout Series
  • Local Volleyball Competition
  • Vicki Wilson Netball Cup Series
  • Golden Glove Softball Series
  • Touch Football Tournaments
  • Interschool Australian Rules Football Competition
  • Interschool State Basketball Challenge